Animal Control Services in Toronto

animal control servicesUnwanted visitors? Call the best animal service in Toronto
When animals or insects are invading your home and making your life miserable, then it’s time to take decisive action. You need the call the experts in pest and animal service in Toronto – Pestico.

This highly professional animal service in Toronto has more than 20 years of experience in handling urban animal nuisances. Whether it’s rats, mice, birds, squirrels or skunks, Pestico can ensure they are removed from your property quickly and efficiently. In fact, they can help you with virtually any kind of animal that can be found in an urban environment.

There’s no reason to take any risks to handle the job yourself when the best in the business are available with a simple phone call. With qualified experts on its impressive staff, the Pestico animal service in Toronto will take the worry out of animal and pest removal.

The methods used by this animal service in Toronto for the removal of animals are non-toxic, sustainable, and environmentally safe for your whole family. Pestico offers a variety of packages to suit your individual situation. Their rates are economical and are competitive with other companies in the same business.

Besides its animal service in Toronto, Pestico will also help rid your home of a wide variety of insects and other crawling pests. With the bed bug problem becoming worse and worse in urban centres across North America, Pestico offers a state of the art process to remove them.

The removal of the bed bugs by the Pestico animal service in Toronto is done with a minimum of disruption for your household. They use a combination of methods that include glue boards, mechanical barriers, electrical traps, and the careful and sparing use of pesticides.

With just a call, you can have the Pestico professionals on their way to assess your problem and to recommend a course of action. They’ll clearly explain exactly what they have determined needs to be done, and they will make the costs known from the beginning. With the Pestico animal service in Toronto, you will never get a surprise when you get your bill.

The Pestico animal service in Toronto will begin by offering you a free estimate of the work that needs to be done to rid your home of unwanted stray animals or infesting insects.

And this animal service in Toronto will go out of their way to recommend ways to modify your exterior environment to keep more animals from entering and disruption your daily routine. They’ll help with the installation of preventative barriers and any other precaution that will help keep the problem from happening again.

In addition to offering a six month guarantee of their work, Pestico will ensure you’re never stuck by being available for emergency calls 24 hours a day. No matter what the problem or when it happens, this animal service in Toronto will be there when you need them.

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